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Webinar / Videos


Embryology and PGD Academy webinar: interpretation of PGT results

Embryology and PGD Academy webinar: lab aspects of ICSI with surgically retrieved sperm

Embryology and PGD Academy webinar: IVF lab trouble shooting and culture media

Embryology and PGD Academy webinar oocyte and embryo vitrification


Online courses in clinical embryology

Certificate in Clinical Embryology - introduction to module 1

Certificate in Clinical Embryology module on Lab design, quality assessment and trouble shooting

New technology and ethical considerations in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Clinical aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology for our distance learning course

Genetics, preimplantation genetic testing and prenatal diagnosis

Cryo module for Certificate in Clinical Embryology

Introduction to the IVF lab by the Embryology and PGD Academy

Celebrating 20 years of IVF and PGD workshops