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Mara Simopoulou


Mara is an assistant Professor of Physiology at the Medical School of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a certified Senior Clinical Embryologist at the rank of Laboratory Director from ESHRE. Mara’s positions include the Laboratory Manager at the Aretaieio University Hospital Assisted Conception Unit, a visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and an assistant Professor at the Medical School of Democritus University of Thrace.


Mara obtained her MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine from University College London where she stayed on for her PhD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology & Human Genetics specializing in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for chromosomal abnormalities.


Mara has been part of many collaborations on an academic, clinical and research level in University Departments, Affiliated Clinics, Assisted Conception Units and Hospitals, in England, USA, Canada, Malta and Greece.


Mara has 20 years of experience in the field of Physiology of Reproduction and her research activities focus on current in vitro fertilisation practices, controversial aspects and bioethics in the field of Human Reproduction. Mara also has a special interest in academic education and balancing research activities and clinical commitments. Mara’s personal mission as a member of the scientific community is the advancement of knowledge on a theoretic and research level, along with continued improvements of medical education and raising awareness of fertility and infertility issues while aiding women to reach their reproductive journey destination.