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Barry Fuller

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Professor Barry Fuller is Professor in Surgical Sciences & Low temperature Medicine, within the Division of Surgery & Interventional Sciences at UCL. He has a career time experience of low temperature preservation of cells, tissue and organs both for clinical application and for fundamental research in cryobiology, which is the study of how biology responds to preservation at ultralow temperatures. He completed his PhD in the MRC Unit for Low Temperature Biology, at that time in in London, and which subsequently relocated to York. Professor Fuller has published more than 400 papers, mostly on aspects of cryobiology, and has edited 3 books on the topic. In reproductive biology, he has studied both embryo and oocyte cryopreservation in model systems , using both controlled rate slow cooling and vitrification methods, and more recently has been involved in work on ovarian tissue cryopreservation . He was awarded his DSc in 2000, and made a Fellow of the International Society for Cryobiology in 2010, in both cases for his work on cryobiology.


United Kingdom (UK)