8 modules and the exit exam

No you can take the modules even if you are not working in an IVF lab, but you will not be able to complete the log book or the exit exam, so your award will state this. You can always complete these at a latter stage – there is no time limit.

No. You can just do individual modules if this suits you. You will get a certificate for each module when you have passed the exam.

We prefer if you did, but once they are all live, you can take them in any order.

No. You can take several modules and then do the exams together. It is totally up to you.

You complete this as you do the procedures and ask your approved supervisor to sign this off for you .

This can be someone in your clinic or an external person. Your supervisor needs to be approved before they can sign your log book.

We hope that you will take the whole certificate in 2 years but you may be faster or slower. There is no time limit.

There is no other programme like this. It has the theory and the log book and an exit exam.

No it was too complicated as this takes years for approval and if we change anything it takes a long time. 

You will have the theory to be a clinical embryologist

Yes. There  is a log book with some modules and there is an exit exam where we exam you practically and do a viva. And we will keep you updated on global practical courses.

Only for the module exam and exit exam but we aim to do this in a location in your country.

International experts in their field.

We have applied for the Royal College of Pathologists accreditation.