Modules 1, 2 and 3 are accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists

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 We have developed a unique 2 year training programme that will provide the fundamental scientific background essential for embryologists through 8 modules, an exit exam, and a log book for in-house supervision of the practical aspects of clinical embryology. The programme will be delivered by distance learning and there will be a multiple-choice exam after each module which will take place online so the candidates do not need to travel to England. Accreditation has been applied for. Students do not need to register for the full course as each module can be taken individually.

 Suitable candidates are those working as a clinical embryologist with a BSc degree or equivalent. You can download the application form here Download Form. If you are not working in an IVF laboratory at the moment, you can take the taught modules and the exit exam without the log book. Your certificate will state that you have passed the taught component of the certificate in clinical embryology.

Training Workshops

Along With The Certificate, We Also Conduct IVF Workshops. 


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